ESIC Exam Model Paper for UDC and MTS Posts - English

Select Synonymous (Same word meaning)

1. Salient
(a) valiant
(b) variant
(c) prudent
(d) prominent

2. Autocratic
(a) Cooperative
(b) Dictatorial
(c) Inspirational
(d) Charitable

3. Decamp
(a) move
(b) encamp
(c) flee
(d) hide

4. Daring
(a) Brilliant
(b) Energetic
(c) Enthusiastic
(d) Courageous

5. Exotic
(a) alien
(b) strange
(c) rare
(d) grand

6. Demonstrate
(a) Remonstrate
(b) Show
(c) Witness
(d) Complain
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7. Philanthropist
(a) benefactor
(b) beneficiary
(c) matron
(d) sponsor

8. Defer
(a) Postpone
(b) Different
(c) Accept
(d) Disagree

8. Congregation
(a) concentration
(b) meeting
(c) discussion
(d) judgement

Select Opposite Words

9. Loosen
(a) fasten
(b) accelerate
(c) delay
(d) paste

10. Abundance
(a) Scanty
(b) Tiny
(c) Scarcity
(d) Deficient

11. Subsequent
(a) eventual
(b) succeeding
(c) prior
(d) comparative

12. Vice
(a) Fame
(b) Virtue
(c) Fortune
(d) Fate

13. Idiosyncrasy
(a) insanity
(b) sanity
(c) generality
(d) singularity

14. Provoke
(a) Soothe
(b) Incite
(c) Smoothen
(d) Entice

Find Spelling wrong words
15. (a) (b) picturise (c) visualize (d) individualise
16. (a) psychology (b) sychology (c) pychology (d) cykology
17. (a) Stethoscope (b) Stecope (c) Ctethscope (d)Sethaacope
18. (1) passagway 2. causeway (3) subway (4) straightway
19. (a) Knoweldge (b) Noweldge (c) Knowledge (c) Knoweldge
20. (a) temperature (b) temperament (c) tempestuous (d) temptation

In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the idiom / phrase printed in bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

21. Tagore was a man of letters.
(a) of wide contacts
(b) an excellent letter dictator
(c) a great writer of letters
(d) proficient in literary art

22. His friends beat the boy to pay off old scores.
(a) to refund old dues
(b) to take revenge
(c) to force him to be a scorer in a match
(d) because he had not scored well earlier

23. It was a red letter day in history of the world.
(a) a day with bloodshed.
(b) A dangerous not about the destruction
(c) A day memorable for some joyful event
(d) A day with love and warmth

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