RRB Junior Engineer Senior Engineer (Signal) Model Question Paper-Railway Recruitment Board JE SE Signal Engineer Model Paper Download below

1: What do you mean by Red Lamp Protection? Expalin with suitable diagrams.
2: What do you mean by Cutting in Arrangement in signalling circuits and reason for its use?
3: What do you mean by “Direct Feeding”, “Local Feeding” and “Remote Feeding” of signals? Explain.
4: Describe the advantages of LED signal Lamps over conventional signal lamps.
5: What are the various PVC signal cables used in Railway signalling in SECR? Are they screened one or not?

6: What do you mean by cable meggering? Please explain.
7: What is Electric Signal Reverser? List different types of Electric Signal Reversers being used over Indian Railways.
8: What do you mean by EKT? Describe the working of EKT.
9: What do you mean by TS, TSS, FP, SP & SSP? Please explain.
10: What are the reasons behind using various traction bonds in Track
Circuits over

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